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Clinical Coding in Western Australia
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Clinical coding courses

Recognised introductory-level clinical coding courses are currently offered via distance education through:

It is up to individuals to select the appropriate course depending on their needs. Consideration should be made on the course content, duration, costs and availability to ensure that as a graduate you will have attained the appropriate knowledge and skills to be competitive when applying for a clinical coding position.

The recruitment process always aims to identify the candidate with the best skill set for the job which is determined by assessing the written application, interview responses, coding test results (practical test performed at interview) and possession of practical coding experience. Therefore final suitability is determined based on assessment results and potential shown by the individual, not on qualification alone.

HIMAA provides an online two year part-time (850 study hours) Certificate IV in Clinical Classification. There are no prerequisites for this course. Past and current clinical coding students with HIMAA can transition to the Certificate IV through recognition of prior learning. Further information can be found through the HIMAA link above.

The OTEN Medical Records Coding Course combines medical terminology and clinical coding, therefore there is no pre-requisite for medical terminology.

A clinical coding refresher course is available through HIMAA for individuals who have previous workplace experience in ICD-10-AM, ACHI and ACS.

Some university degrees also have Clinical Coding as part of their curriculum. Information about this can be found in the Health information managers section.